On March 25, 1991, in Houston, Texas… Danger was born.  Of course, that was not his given name.

It was only his destiny.

He was born Luis Rodriguez.

And to meet him today, you instantly know he was a born Bounty Hunter.

Of course, Luis isn’t the first “good” guy ever to start out on the wrong side of the law, always playing the fugitive from what he was supposed to do, to hear his mothers tell it.

Yes, mothers – he had two of them.  Raised by two women.

No wonder he was trouble.

Being a Cuban-American, this colorful man-child had a personality as big as Texas and ambitions to match, discovering by the age of 17 that he wanted to make a right turn – into law enforcement.  Only he was too young.

Bad news for bail jumpers.  Because Luis Rodriguez, schooled by a mysterious bandito-by-day, bounty-hunter-by-night called Wolf, learned the occupation by the side of this master, earning his own legal license to bounty hunt by the age of 18.

By  21, Luis was the widely acknowledged #1 Bounty Hunter in Houston, Texas.  By age 22, the leading practitioner of this dangerous occupation in all of Texas.


Today, arguably, the youngest, most accomplished bounty hunter in the world.  Like a latter-day Tony Montana with a clean streak, Luis has gone straight to the top.  To what does he attribute his success?


“Over time, I learned things in life,” says Luis, “that gave me the edge and  knowledge to stay sharp.  “With these tools I crafted a sixth sense that gave me an ability to see things coming from a mile away.”


Such as the fugitive who was wanted on three counts of capital murder.  This felon had the gumption to be living literally right in front of a police station.  But Luis had his sixth sense.  He was the only one who picked up on the fact that the fugitive was disguised as a woman!


Nowadays, though, even the average person on the street can see that Luis Rodriguez is taking it to a whole new level.  With a TV series in the making called “H-Town Hunter” – the “H” is for Houston – and the book he’s writing that has “bestseller” and “movie” written all over it, this ex-bounty hunter is no stranger to coverage by Fox News, Telemundo, Univision, and many more.


Presently residing in Los Angeles, California, Luis Rodriguez has already lived a hundred lives, though has never taken one – he counts himself a lucky man.  Call him a media darling, a hot new actor/producer in town, or a not so ex-bounty hunter who just might come out of retirement if someone ever offers him a bail bond to top his best – which was a quarter of a million dollars.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, just remember what Luis never forgets: “Only the strong survive.”