Luis Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Bond Forfeiture Apprehension Team Inc., formally known as H-Town Hunter. Being a native Houstonian, Luis is familiar with all areas of Houston, making it difficult for fugitives to elude his capture. Luis has earned his title of Top Bounty Hunter in the Houston by capturing 853 fugitives over the past 4 years.

As the saying goes, If you cant beat them, join them! Other bounty hunters with several years of experience have come to the realization that they are unable to compete with Luis so they decided to join him. Making The Bond Forfeiture Apprehension Team on of the top apprehension teams in Texas.

In 2009, Luis met a man who goes by the name of Wolf. Wolf was a quiet laid back man who maintained a double life for over 30 years, motorcycle gang member by day and bounty hunter by night. Luis became very close friends with Wolf and also built a business relationship with him. Wolf shared his great knowledge of the industry with Luis.

After several months of learning the tricks of the trade, Luis decided to venture out on his own. A year later, Wolf said, "The big bad wolf has retired, I 'm now passing the baton on to the little Wolf."

Luis has a great compassion for what he does, he offers his expertise to bondsmen who need assistance in apprehending fugitives. The streets are a lot safer with the H-Town Hunter on the scene..

There has only been one person trained by the legendary Wolf and that's Luis Rodriguez